What is Baby Massage?
Baby massage is a beautiful tool in creating a special bond with your baby. It has been a part of everyday life for centuries in Eastern cultures, but has gained popularity amongst parents in the UK since 1990s when greater emphasis was being placed on the importance of positive touch and attachment in child development. Baby Bloom Development classes use a mixture of techniques taken from both Indian and Swedish massage.
Baby massage has many benefits;
Aids digestion and relieves colic and trapped wind
Soothes and comforts, promotes relaxation and helps to reduce anxiety
Helps to induce restful sleep
Stimulates and strengthens baby's immune system
Deepens and strengthens the bond between baby and caregiver through the release of
oxytocin, also know as the 'Love Hormone'
Encourages muscle co-ordination and joint flexibility
Stimulates the nervous system and enhances healthy brain development
Relieves teething pain
Helps to increase confidence and self-esteem in parents
Encourages the release of prolactin in breast-feeding mothers which aids milk supply
As baby massage instructors, our role is to guide and empower parents in massaging their baby. We are there to educate and support as you gain skills and confidence. As baby massage is a special time for infant and carer to connect, the instructor will have no physical contact with your baby and will instead be using a massage doll to demonstrate the strokes. Classes are baby-led meaning that we take our cues from the infants and adapt according to their needs.
Baby Bloom Development holds courses and workshops at Mothercare (The Willows), Torquay and Premier Kickboxing in Newton Abbot (Next to Bear Feet!). We also offer 1-1 sessions in the comfort of your own home, please contact us for more details. 

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